The Interactive Atlas is in Closed Alpha

The Interactive Atlas is still in early alpha, the foundation stage. Patrons can get in to observe the building process (starting from now or from beta; see below), share feedback & influence fundamental design choices.

You may get early access for the Interactive Atlas for a one-time pledge:

  • $5 for 1x beta access period (you will get emailed when it starts).
  • $10 for 2x alpha access periods (Interactive Atlas + the next future feature).

Being a one time pledge means that you may cancel as soon as you get billed (the 1st of every month) and still maintain your early access until the release of the Interactive Atlas.

Your pledges have greatly helped in the development of TLDR so far.

Testers get notified of Atlas updates by email so they don't miss a thing.

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Alpha testers can log in here.

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