What is a TLDR?

Usually stylized as tl;dr, “too long; didn’t read” is a common internet synonym for a quick summary.

Is this TLDR for me?

Yes. This TLDR gives a ground-up understanding of the history of Warcraft to anyone, player or not, new or returning.

Do I have to read it in order?

No. Whenever you hover on a recurring story element, a tooltip will show up with a brief recap. E.g. Illidan, Pantheon, Lordaeron.

Is this TLDR up to date?

Some details are outdated or missing due to the WoW: Chronicle retcon, but the general structure is intact and will still give you a solid understanding of the Warcraft story.

Is this TLDR inclusive?

Due to Warcraft’s universe status, it is difficult to determine which storylines are more relevant to the central story than others. The choices I made in this regard are to be revised at the Chronicle update.

What are future plans?

WoW Lore TLDR will continue to expand as long as it is supported by its readers. Below are a few short-term goals.

  • Interactive maps integrated with the Interactive Story.
  • Relevance slider for all Story Filters entries ranging from “core” to “irrelevant”.
    Completionists might wanna know about Zaeta’s love affair with Theradras.
  • Story Filters working on the bullet point level (lowest; currently they affect middle only).
  • Ability to export currently filtered version of the Interactive Story page.
  • Additional sections will be added to present lore in brand new formats (literary, visual and statistical).
  • Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne TLDR (in development).
  • WoW expansion TLDRs (release date TBA).

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How do I contribute?

  • Share your opinion (positive or negative).
  • Report typos and grammatical errors in this forum thread.
  • If you’re an editor or web developer & would like to contribute or offer feedback, advertise in this forum thread or get in touch (Discord/contact methods).
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WoW Lore TLDR was created by Sinan M. Diraneyya, a Warcraft devotee, artist and Cisco technician from Jordan.

My passion for Warcraft sprouts from a childhood spent playing Warcraft 2 when everybody else was busy reading Harry Potter. That game got me hooked by its music, art style and engaging voice acting which I still love to this day. Since then, all I know for the young dreamer I was is that each entry in the franchise restored all of my awe and doubled it! When World of Warcraft came out (way before these ugly/awkward space ships) it was literally a dream come true.

WoW Lore TLDR is dedicated to this outstanding legacy & all who grew up with it!

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The lore featured here was originally paraphrased from the official History of Warcraft (2004) and WoWpedia’s unofficial timeline, and is being adjusted to comply with the retcon of World of Warcraft: Chronicle (2017).

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