World of Warcraft’s tl;dr & More in Biggest Update Yet

Hello. This is Sinan reporting from the WoW Lore TLDR headquarters, which is simply my bedroom/office/dance studio. It has been a while since I picked up the pace with website development. However, with the fact extraction of WoW, the base game nearly at 90%, I am very close to releasing a huge update. With some tweaks, new features, additional content and a server migration, this is gonna be the biggest WoW Lore TLDR update to date!

The World of Warcraft Summary

More than 5000 words have been extracted from Chronicle so far for the tl;dr summary of WoW (the base game), setting it near 90% completion. But most importantly, a significant portion of it was reviewed and edited by a professional native speaker. WoW’s tl;drs have been a long requested feature and the first of them will finally be making it to the site soon!

Website Speed & New UI Features

My current host’s servers have grown increasingly slow in recent months. I am preparing to relaunch the site with a much faster host this time (tested with another one of my sites) and am taking this opportunity to reconstruct it entirely. I’m currently working on new UI quality-of-life features and improvements, like the ability to choose from multiple themes, while simultaneously tidying up code and cutting down clutter on the back end.

Starting a Lore Community

If you were in this project’s development committee, what would you change? The Discord server has a collection of social and development channels where you can seamlessly relax then hop on to see and comment on the development progress whenever you feel like it.

The development channels will feature upcoming content with Google Drive links that anyone can directly comment on or suggest edits for. The social channels are a perfect place to chill and share photos of food, pets and transmogs. You know; the basics of stress relief.

When Will Further Details Be Revealed?

Considering the fact that I have a full time job, it’s difficult for me to determine a release date for an update this enormous. However, community engagement is a great booster, which is all the more reason to join the Discord and occasionally lend me an opinion and perhaps a hand too.

How Else Can I Support The Project?

Community engagement via Discord (in as little as sharing a weekly screenshot) is only the second best thing you can do. The number one best thing you can do to support TLDR is to subscribe to my biannual newsletter, which is used almost exclusively to announce major update releases (such as this upcoming WoW tl;dr summary).

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