Throne Ascension Update

Hello, lore walkers of Warcraft! Today I am super thrilled to announce the release of WoW Lore TLDR’s second biggest update to date; the Frozen Throne expansion tl;dr is here! Aside from the new readable content, the update has streamlined the Story page’s filtering panel and table of contents for a more accessible, less intrusive presence.


  • Frozen Throne tl;dr added. (Total page word count: 19,800, up from 15,100.)
  • Table of contents moved onto the left edge of the screen and can now be toggled by the hourglass icon near the page’s top left corner.
  • Story filters re-enabled and moved to the right edge of the screen, which can be toggled by the filter icon near the page’s top right corner.
  • Story arc filters in the Story Filters panel were removed, since they were largely unnecessary.
  • The “check all”/”uncheck all” functions in the Story Filters panel were fixed to properly trigger the hide/unhide event for all affected story boxes.
  • Forum disabled, since it’s not used.

Upcoming Content & Features

As of July 2018, the following features have reached a mostly-functional state but couldn’t make it due to certain technical difficulties which I’m still trying to pass:

  • Interactive Atlas. Probably my most teased, this feature has been overall quite tricky to put together. While it works on a core level, there are some obstacles that prevent some important features from working as intended. Right now, however, an alternative maps platform is being tested, which is provided by WyriMaps. If that goes well, I might scrap my current progress and start anew, but it would be worth it for all I know!
  • Multi-leveled navigation. The sticky chapter navigation bar was originally dual-leveled, with story arcs being listed under each chapter as clickable buttons which got individually highlighted when their respective content was visible in the user’s viewport. However, I failed to identify an error that prevents the accordions from expanding when their links are clicked, making them somewhat awkward to use. However, I still plan to solve this for a later update.
  • Retcon update for chapters 2-5. The “mostly-functional” sentence doesn’t exactly apply here. However, this is the text content I’m currently focusing on. Expect it to be the subject of the few upcoming content updates (beside the maps, whichever flows first).

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