Development Roadmap & Hosting Downgrade

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Hello, readers of WoW Lore TLDR.

Those of you who found my website during its hours of fame on reddit and PCGamer in early July probably know what happened; the host died on us and the website became inaccessible for hours.

Daily visitors from July 8th to August 8th – Reddit contributed about 70k sessions in 24 hours, something that my host was completely unprepared to handle.

I had already invested hundreds of hours into the project by then, but the exposition was still overwhelming in every aspect of the word. I was not prepared. Not only did the host go down, but the people who made it had yet no way to help kickstart our bigger lore ambitions.

What are bigger lore ambitions, you ask? When I released TLDR, it was just a nested lore page. Now it’s a notch more advanced with storyline filtering. Not much, but still a revolution in lore accessibility, and I’ll continue to aim for more!

Basically, at the time of the crisis, my natural reaction was to upgrade my hosting plan, which wouldn’t be useful once traffic got back to normal. So, I decided to release the filters’ update to showcase what TLDR is capable of, then revert back once the spotlight is off.


What are my ambitions for TLDR? Here are some ideas which I am pretty sure many of you have thought of:

  • Breaking WoW Lore TLDR into sections based on format. The current Interactive Story (homepage) would become the “text” page.
  • An atlas page would be an interactive world map integrated with the text page wherein each text block can have a location marker on the map.
  • Visual pages have infinite possibilities for conveying the story in a concise yet graphical way. A guided walk through history on the atlas is an example.
  • The text page could do with more advanced filtering options, such as showing or hiding characters in the filtering panel based on their noteworthiness.
  • Tooltips could be made as previews of a lore database.


Starting soon, I’ll be clearing the fog shrouding development by announcing each short-term goal and releasing clear time and cost estimates. For now, all I can say is that I can’t wait to start working on those ambitions.

Everything seems in order, so I’ll just keep up my steady pace and inform you as soon as any development goals clear out.

Thank you for the amazing support! And have a great time everyone.

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